The Jersey Pocket Podiums. #1: The Best Names in the Pro Peloton

3rd Spot:

Lars Boom – Belkin Pro Cycling

You have got to ride fast if your name is Lars Boom. His middle names are Anthonius Johannes. Really, they are.

2nd Spot:

Boy Van Poppel – Vacansoleil-DCM

One of two sons to Dutch former pro cyclist, Jean-Paul Van Poppel. Boy and his brother Danny both ride for the same team whilst Dad is their Directeur Sportif. Cute.

1st Spot:

Steele Von Hoff – Garmin Sharp 

Nicknamed ‘Stainless’, Steele Von Hoff is an Australian sprinter. Apparently he is as hard as nails too, once completing a stage with ‘half his face hanging off’. Sounds a bit like Terminator to me, “I need your Lycra, your cleats and your Cervelo.”

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