Every Bike I Have Ever Owned..

1. Red tricycle with white wheels – Got the front wheel caught in a drainhole on our drive one summer day, flipped over the top and scraped the hell out of my 3 year old bare belly. Ouch. And, yes, that is me below… 

trikes April 1976

2. Purple 2 wheeler – solid wheels. Learnt to ride on that one…

3. Raleigh Strika silver – Sadly not the back-pedal brake model.. Loved the fake plastic ‘suspension’ parts on the front forks.

(Out grew)

4. Raleigh Viper. 5 speed. Blue. Drop Handlebars. 10th Birthday present – 1985. I thought I was the Boss on this.

(Flipped and chopped the bars and then sold when I was around 14)

5. Chrome Bomber – bought from the Classifieds in the Hull Daily Mail. First bike I paid for.

(Absolutely no idea where this one went.. Possibly into the River Hull for a dare.)



6. Raleigh Cadet 10 speed. White with Blue Saddle. Did the Coast to Coast and back aged 15 with my brother on this. Can still feel the saddle now.

(Stolen – Paragon Hotel Hull, Saturday Job)

7. Raleigh Montage mountain bike. Green. Non-indexed thumb shifters. First Mountain Bike.

(Stolen – outside paper shop – walked my  paper round for f***ing months afterwards)

8. Kuhii Unique. Purple. Bloody Heavy – Have never seen this make anywhere else…

(Had it for years. Finally stolen – RCA, London, 1999)

9. Giant Mountain bike. Replaced the Kuhii

(Stolen after 3 weeks – RCA – not sadly missed – it was shit)

10. Kuhii Unique.

(It turned up again at the RCA bike-stands with someone else’s lock on it. Put another lock on it and informed the Police. It was re-stolen the next day – RCA, London)

11. Raleigh Scorpio. Silver and  purple. Given by a friend to ride a triathlon.

(Still got the frame in the garage)


12. Giant OCR 1. Thought I might have a future in triathlons.

(Stolen after 2 months outside Shoreditch Electricity Showrooms , London)


13. Langster Alu Single Speed. My first LFGSS forum bike. The “shit brown” one. My first build. Resprayed it grey and loved it.

(Stolen 2011 – Blackheath)


14. Corvino Road bike. LFGSS frame and a load of parts. Had it taken back to bare alu.

(Was stolen at the same time as the Langster. Saw it being ridden in Greenwich Park and took it back. My fiancee rides it now)


15. Specialized Epic Pro 1994 frame  Carbon Tubes, Alu Lugs – Lovely.

(LFGSS – still got and cherish – though it does give me awful knee pain if ridden too far)


16. Cinelli Zydeco Cross frame . – Ride this every day, though I have put gears on it now. Entered my one race on this. 7th in the Rapha SuperCross Novice race 2012.

(LFGSS – still got)


17. Continental 1970’s frame- single speed pub bike

(Ebay plus parts bin – Pub bike – still got). UPDATE: this is now being redone for the Tweed Run and L’Eroica Britannia 2013.


3 thoughts on “Every Bike I Have Ever Owned..

  1. Wow that was cool, tried to remember all mine, gutted u have had so many stolen ( may there dangle bits fall off) and I remember the tri crash at 145 pulled some grit out of u that day ! X

    • Yeah. It was a bit depressing at times remembering all the lost steeds. I’ll try and dig out the wider version of that photo with you in it too.
      Can’t remember what you rode on the coast to coast – before your Peugeot mountain bike. And the bloody lovely MTB you had after that. Cannondale?

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