The Jersey Pocket Podiums – #2 – Classic Cycling Jerseys

First Place. Peugeot

An all time classic. From Tommy Simpson to Robert Millar, riders wearing the iconic chequered flag jersey have looked the business. It was the first kit I wanted as a kid and I still wear one most weeks. Best matched with plain black shorts and a Peugeot cycling cap – with the peak turned upwards, of course.

peugeot jersey

Second Place. Bic

Love the sparseness here. Bold colour, simple logo. Job done. Not quite so well known as some other teams of the era but Luis Ocana won the 1970 Vuelta and 1973 Tour in the orange of Bic. Best paired with jet black hair and an epic tan.

bic jersey

Third Place. Renault /Renault Elf / Systeme U

The hint of the Hacienda’s famous black and yellow warning stripes helps this one into third spot. The design morphed subtly into the Renault Elf jersey and then more radically into the Systeme U jersey, both of which are great in their own right. Best paired with a matching headband a la Fignon.

renault gitane jersey

Honourable Mention – La Vie Claire

Hinault. Lemond. ’86. Enough Said.

la vie claire jersey


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