The Jersey Pocket Podiums – #3 – Cycling Films

It was the BFI’s Bicycle Film Festival last week and The Armstrong Lie is hitting the screens next month so it seems like a good time for a Jersey Pocket Podium for cycling films:

3rd spot: Breaking Away – Peter Yates – 1979.

Capturing the exotic appeal of Continental road racing (as seen through the eyes of a young American) Breaking Away warmly mixes the key teenage obsessions of idols, girls and friendships.


2nd spot: Belleville Rendezvous / The Triplets of Belleville – Sylvain Chomet – 2003.

Wonderfully eccentric in terms of plot and vision, Chomet’s animated extravaganza about a kidnapped Tour de France star remains burned on the retinas long after the film finishes.


1st spot: A Sunday in Hell. 1976. Jorgen Leth.

Merckx, Moser and De Vlaeminck do battle in the Paris-Roubaix Spring Classic but the pavé of Northern France is the real star of this exceptional documentary.


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