Competition Time – The Cycling Anthology Volume 4

It’s another Jersey Pocket Giveaway! This time I have a copy of the latest Cycling Anthology up for grabs. UK postal addresses only this time I’m afraid though…

The Cycling Anthology series is intended to give cycling journalists a greater amount of freedom and expression than they might not otherwise enjoy. Editors Ellis Bacon and Lionel Birnie actively encourage some of the best writers to pen a chapter about something that the contributors themselves want to write. This means that, as well as there being a lot of love and knowledge in every story, it’s often something out of the expected and sometimes downright obscure. Which is all to the good as far as I am concerned.


Volume 4, the first to be published in a new jacket design by Yellow Jersey Press, features 10 chapters from Ellis Bacon, Keith Bingham, Lionel Birnie, Orla Chennaoui,Peter Cossins, Alasdair Fotheringham, William Fotheringham, Daniel Friebe, Richard Moore, Tom Southam, James Startt and Matt Stephens.

Seven of the authors introduced their chapters at the book launch in East London last night, demonstrating the varied nature of the writing. From memories of the 1974 Tour de France visit to the UK, through investigations into whether former pro-rider Iban Mayo really did become a long-distance truck driver, to the musical manifestations of cycling culture, it’s the usual rich mix of easily digestible, high quality writing.

To win a copy just answer the following question: Before the book launch I spent the afternoon with three of the contributors as they recorded ‘The Cycling Podcast’. Which three of the authors were they?

Name and address to  and a name will be picked out some form of randomising receptacle on Monday 16th.

The Cycling Podcast Volume 4 is published by Yellow Press for £8.99 RRP. Volumes 1-3 are also being re-issued with new jacket designs.

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