Poster Boys – Cycling Jersey Prints by Rouleur and David Sparshott

A new appearance in the Rouleur online shop this week attracted my attention and also reminded me of something similar – and equally beautiful – that has been around around for a little while..

Two different takes of a poster of various cycling jerseys. The limited edition Rouleur version (£45.00, A2 sized), by illustrator Beach, chronologically details the jersey’s of the 101 Tour de France winners in an attractive flat graphic style whilst David Sparshott’s (£55, A2 size) pencil crayon sketches capture a wide range of vintage jerseys in his signature style. Both prints are very simple and just let the beauty of the jerseys – and the magic of a bit of repetition – do the hardwork.



Les Maillots by Beach via Rouleur



Cycling Jerseys by David Sparshott

David has a deal on at the moment for two A2 prints for £100. If you are tempted by the jersey one I would suggest that the vintage cycle teams cars print would be an excellent pairing.

Check out my Jersey Pocket Podium of classic cycling jerseys, which also features David’s illustrations, here.

3 thoughts on “Poster Boys – Cycling Jersey Prints by Rouleur and David Sparshott

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  2. Dear Mrs thejerseypocket!

    i was just enjoying to read ‘Spin Xmas – the best in cycling design’! ..and at the same time – why didn’t I know about that event just one week earlier? At the time when I was in London for the 3rd time in my life?! Would have loved to join 🙂
    ..but I actually was looking for this great poster of David Sparshott ‘cycling jerseys. Which i would really like to give to my best friend as a birthday present and therefore am interested in the deal of £100 you were suggesing above? How and where could I order?!

    Cyclelovin’ regards,

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