A Jersey Pocket ‘Cycle In Style’ Tip.. – The Tea Tree Treat

We all know that looking good on the bike is something to be strived for but we shouldn’t forget about smelling good too. I overheard a good tip this weekend at my Sunday run cafe stop at the Ide Hill Community Shop for helping keeping leather cycling gloves smelling sweet.

Sweaty leather reeks. And once the stink is in there no amount of washing will stop it coming back out to haunt you the next time you are out on a ride. A few drops of tea-tree oil on the palms before heading out is apparently the answer. The heat of your hands activates the oil and infuses it into the leather, saving you and your companions from those acrid whiffs at coffee and cake time.

Thanks to the un-named female cyclist in the London Courier Emergency Fund jersey who was riding with Brixton Cycles this weekend for the tip..


image by rapha.cc

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