Dear Mr Grayling. Ned Boulting’s plea to the Transport Secretary

**UPDATE – Response from Department For Transport at bottom of page**

Via @nedboulting


Please feel free to Copy and Paste and send to Chris Grayling’s ministerial address:

SUBJECT LINE – Bicycles.

Dear Mr Grayling.

I am disappointed that you do not consider cyclists to be “road users”.

Much of what you do in Westminster, I accept, must feel demoralising. Financial market, world affairs, it’s all pretty tough. I accept that. I don’t envy you.

But, certain things are completely within your control. And that particularly applies to your ministry, especially.

As a car driver, a train user, an occasional flyer, and a daily pedestrian, I urge you to act; significantly, dramatically, and inexpensively (in the grand scheme of things, it’s a bagatelle) in support of cycling infrastructure. Why would you not do this? Clean, cheap, healthy. I have no idea.

Cyclists are not the marginalised fanatics and red light-jumping loons that many people (especially in the media) like to think. Most of us are just trying to get from A to B, without contributing to congestion, and because it’s wonderful.

If you feel that we are not road-users, then I would like to know why not.

Yours in hope,

23.01.17- UPDATE:

The following response was received from the DoT, with a request to share it here..



4 thoughts on “Dear Mr Grayling. Ned Boulting’s plea to the Transport Secretary

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