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The Jersey Pocket came into being in 2013 because I wanted to write about all the interesting stuff that surrounds cycling. The blog was a great creative outlet and allowed me to indulge two interests at once. It’s been a great adventure in itself and enabled me to meet lots of great people who do brilliant things.

In 2015 I jumped at the chance to join one of those brilliant things. I saw the fledgling Massif Central as a chance to add a third passion to that of cycling and writing; design. Massif’s beautiful cycling infographic illustrations told stories of achievements in a very different way and I instantly knew that I wanted to be a part of that. A big thanks to my ‘partner-in-data’ James for asking me to join the ride..

Very quickly Massif Central became very massive time-wise and I had to put TJP on the back burner as we built the business up from pretty humble beginnings. But now Massif needs a voice too and we are re-activating The Jersey Pocket as the ‘in-house blog’ to help find it.

We’ll still be talking an awful lot about cycling but also looking at the interesting stuff that surrounds “Great Achievements” in other areas too. That might be running, exploring, sailing, making music.. We just don’t know. It will be wherever the Massif road takes us. along the way we’ll tell the stories behind some the designs and hopefully inspire the adventures that might become the next ones.



March 2015


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Howard, Just came across your blog. Really enjoy the spirit for cycling you bring to your writing. I will follow your posts. Thanks. Steve

  2. Hi Howard, I have just found The Jersey Pocket and keen to talk to you about a product that fulfils some of what you have written above for the “necessary things” Perhaps we can talk and you might like to find out more and maybe review the product, before it will reach the market place. That is all I’ll say for now. Thanks Al

  3. For your information “happy birthday” is ” bon anniversaire” (masculine word) in french…
    Very nice blog, thank you.

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