Book Review – On The Road Bike – Ned Boulting

Reading Ned Boulting’s book, On The Road Bike – The Search For a Nation’s Cycling Soul, about his exploration of the idiosyncratic world of cycling in Britain is, I would imagine, a bit like joining him for a bike ride. Initially there would be plenty of self-deprecation as he painstakingly points out all his likely shortcomings for the selected route or distance. Then there would be the lightest smattering of name-dropping during the time he proves that he is, in fact, more than capable of said route or distance. There would probably be some debate or confusion about the final destination or purpose of the ride itself before arriving at the end with that warm fuzzy feeling of time well spent in the company of an interesting and articulate friend, who has also shown you a couple of brilliant new lanes hidden away amongst a lot of familiar countryside.

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