Passionista – Interview – Nick Hussey, Vulpine

Cycle clothing brand Vulpine will be making a few big announcements this week. Sounds like a good time for an interview with founder Nick Hussey…

Vulpine like to do things differently. Set up in Spring 2012, the brand has quickly become a highly visible part of the UK cycling apparel market, garnering praise for both the design and quality of their garments as well as for their inclusive attitude for ‘all things bike’. Simply coloured, elegantly detailed products are backed by a straight-talking, no-nonsense company persona that manages to never lose sight of the inherent fun of riding a bike. However, it was some of Nick’s more serious comments that prompted me to contact him:

One of the (many) unusual features of the UCI presidential election this year was the way that social media was used by people to make their feelings known about a contest in which they had no vote, nor much sway over the 42 people who did. Whilst it was perhaps expected that interested parties such as Jonathan Vaughters would take to the twitter-waves to air their views, it was less expected to see cycling brands publicly hang their hats on one of the candidates’ pegs. Even in a contest as polarised as this one became it does not often make sense for businesses to take sides.  So it was refreshing to see Vulpine in particular stepping up to show their colours and make their feelings known. The Jersey Pocket spoke to founder Nick Hussey to see why he had raised the company’s head above the ramparts on this one and found that speaking out is part of Vulpine’s DNA.